Greetings Internet Peeps!

I am the one known as Lyv, (pronounced “live” as in I live in the city. It’s a college nickname that just stuck with me even after all the torture of long nights pretending to study, finishing up papers at the absolute last minute and of course rushing across campus to a class with only 5 minutes to get through the door. Ah how I miss those days off and on. Mostly off. I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares till i’m 80 of all the millions of papers I had to write in that short period of time. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every second of my time in college. But that is not what this blog is about. To be quite honest I actually haven’t fully decided what to do with this blog yet. I really enjoy writing so that is one reason I created it. I want to begin to share my work with people outside of my circle of friend’s and colleagues. But before I share any of my work with you all I would like to tell you a little about me.


About Me

Hair Color: Black (unless I wear one of my lovely wigs then its random)

Birth Year/Month: 1991, April

Eye Color: Light Brown (thanks to my mom having brown eyes and my dad having hazel green eyes)

Height: 6’2 (yes. I am an Amazon, praise be to Artemis!)

Weight: 158 (This is what the talking scale told me last time I hopped on it.)

Body Type: Impossibly slim (because I eat all of the time but when you are young with my family genetics, you can get away with that till you have a kid. Something of which I do not have at this time.)

 I am a legally blind woman in my mid-twenties. I enjoy losing myself to the bottomless pit of tv shows & movies on Netflix, writing, listening to music, watching videos on the black hole known as YouTube. On top of all that I also fight crime in the streets of my city like Dare-Devil only I don’t have the suit, weapons, law degree, fighting skills or physical endurance….Okay fine I don’t fight crime! But I watch enough crime-fighting dramas to dream about one day….appearing on one. HA! If you thought I was going to say anything along the lines of fighting crime you must take a drink! Speaking of drinks my favorite would have to be Malibu Rum mixed with Dr.Pepper. It is so delicious you can hardly taste the liquor. Good and bad thing, I must say. Like most people in this world I have a typical love/mock hate relationship with my family (which is huge by the way). I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Lucky for all of us we never have had to live under one roof together at any given time. For the most part I lived with 3 of my brothers and only 1 of my sisters.Well for now I think this was a nice introduction to start off the blog. I’ll begin posting my actual material later on. Till next time!! Feel free to ask questions and leave comments if you feel inclined to do so. 😛


Greetings Internet Peeps!

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